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use of a light

IMO use it.

What's the stardard equipment load for CCW? Gun, knife and flashlight right...

Non-lethal to lethal use of "force." If you carry a flashlight.... USE it. 60, 90+ lumens.

Have you ever tried it out? Some night have a friend flash you in the eyes and see if you can see - momentarily?? You are blinded.... period. I'm not saying forever but longer than you think, long enough for you to move and prepare. TRY IT out and see for yourself.

Plus using a light you are in control. Remember this is mostly at night or in a dark area (movie and such). You can see and it puts focus on them. It's like turning the lights on in Texas - the cockroaches just scurry away - run and hide).

I've used it in a movie with 3 teenage boys just being disorderly. Some people said things to them but they just ignored them. I stood up and flashed a light in their eyes and kept it on. We could all see them and I gave the command from god to leave - they left.

So, carry a light and use it when you need to. It's not a hide and seek game. Your not playing a James Bond role as a super spy.
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