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Colt is concerned about the lack of quality in their entire revolver line. Several months ago they hired Rodger Hunziker, owner of Phillips and Rodgers of Meduza fame, to act as consultant and to produce many of thier parts. Rodger is a friend of mine and I know he has made numerious trips to Hartford and spent countless hours working on various problems and developements. Many of these have gone unmentioned by Colt for their own reasons. Out of loyalty to Rodger I hesitate to speak poorly of Colt however it may simply be a case of too little too late. Rodger is a true master at what he does but is attempting to correct a situations that has been deteriating for years.
Personaly I feel that Colt should have responded to public complaints and explained that they were working on reported problems. I can only presume they did not simply because they felt it would be an admission that there were in fact problems. That admission, in my opinion, would have been respected by shooters. However their silence inplied they simply did not care.
Now in light of some of their employees political postitions they may have lost enough respect from the shooting public never to recover.
To many, myself included, the Colt single action army was as much a part of our heritage as mom and apple. It is sad to see what has became of Sam Colts company.
I wouldn't trade the old Colt single action armies I have for anything. Nor, sadly, will I ever buy a new one.


We live in a time in which attitudes and deeds once respected as courageous and honorable are now scorned as being antiquated and subversive.

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