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I find the Redding Competition Seater does that well for me, too. I understand the Forsters do, too, and for less money, but I "discovered" the Redding first, and when it gave me 0.000 to 0.002" in LC .30-06, my brand loyalty switch got thrown. I've not tried a Wilson for comparison, but probably will, as I already have an arbor press on my bench. Wouldn't take much.

The Lee Collet Die gives the lowest neck sizing runout, bar none. I would add the use of the Redding body die to bump the shoulder back about a thousandth. That can improve accuracy still further in some guns. That reminds me I've got 100 new .222's waiting for a chance to try their luck in my old Remington 600. Might be something to do this summer. I don't have a Redding or Forster seater for that caliber yet, so maybe it the excuse I've been looking for to try the Wilson?
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