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Day 2:

I have understated how exhausting day 1 was for Clark and I. From about 9am until dark we had been cutting elk and packing quarters through crappy terrain and ~6" on snow. Luckily we had found a way to get the trucks closer to the elk and the morning of da 2 was spent packing the rest out. We had Paulie and Jeremy to help and after two trips each we were back in camp with everything. Action shot of Clark and I on our final victory run, this be my favorite picture of the whole hunt:

Finally in the truck:

Tate and Dad and Casey spent the morning trying to fill their tags, they got to a spot bright and early only to have a group of hunters show up and start glassing right next to them. Burns me up. If someone beats you to a spot, go find another one. Our group left and found a new spot. They saw some bulls but nothing big enough or close enough to go after.

We climbed a big hill in the snow that afternoon to try and find them some elk but turned up empty. All in all another exhausting but satisfying day.

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