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Any US mil surp in collector grade will be price high and if the buyer is not on top of his game, he will most likely be SCREWED. It is sad reality of this hobby. I may be looking for carbine or a 1903. It really a shame, I may pass on the carbines right now.

I suggest for a carbine price, figure $1000 for a good shooter and forget the parts matching. Anyone who says that is way too high, damn well better post some sources of actual guns with prices. I heard the BS before. I can believe 10-20% either way.

The carbines are super hot right now. Super hot. Not even high demand, beyond hi, super. Either you wait, or pay. Or hope to cheat someone and I know that is not the OP's intention. But; it seems all to frequently the goal in this hobby from either seller or buyer.

I have heard of Simpsons and agree with prior post. They are high by reputation. I think they have an honest reputation. So; if they price at 1800, you might resell on GB for 1200? They got to run a business too. Say 30% is markup for ignorance. It is probably fair. I would rather get a shooter.

There is a big time local (no internet) dealer who over the last 12 months I seen prices creep up, 900, 1000 and last week 1100. They just keep selling. All he can get, they all sell.

And this is way off topic but same deal with Swiss k31. Absolutely no matter how high the price any dealer asks they 100% sell. Either you pay US GI milsurp price for a Swiss novelty or you skip it and move on.
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