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USGI M1 Carbine Value

Hello all,

I've got an M1 Garand and an 03a3.

I would like to add a nice M1 Carbine as well.

I live in central IL and Simpsons LTD is close by. They have some really nice one's, but it seems like along with them being really nice, the price is also pretty steep.

To be fair, most of them appear to be mostly "correct" if not mostly original.

I guess I don't mind paying the price if the price is fair for what the rifle is, just wanted to check with you all, the prices seem to have jumped significantly on the carbines in recent years.

There are a few winchesters, a few IBM's and a couple Inlands. All in very good shape, but all in the $1800 - $2800 range...
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