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Again the folks here have the answers I seek.
So my ammo is from 1975.
Comments about my buy. The steel strap, very rusty, around the wooden case was there but rusted into on the bottom. The wooden crate showed no signs of water damage. Due to the strap issue, the crate sides were cracking. The nails were holding quite well. The inner paper sheets over and under the cans were OK. The pull strap around one of the cans broke when pulled. The paint on the cans is quite good, no rust. Have not opened a can yet.
So my guess is that this was in a high humidity environment, perhaps salty air, for some significant period of time.
And while online shopping, some of the sources offering this surplus ammo are out of stock. So is the supply dwindling? And price shopping does pay as prices vary significantly among sellers.
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