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Had a few more moments today to work on the rifle. The buttplate and magazine bottom serial numbers match, so all 4 places match. The stock has one small round patch/plug, about 5 to 6mm dia. On the left side just above the trigger.
I wiped with paper towels every bit of the grease that I could see and reach. Took the thing apart. The rings that hold the upper wooden heat shield were very difficult to get off. More about that later. Wiping is the only cleaning of the stock thus far.
The hot water bath is not suitable for my situation but probably is one of the better methods. I used the aerosol brake cleaner on the metal parts. The bad part is that it messes up the black paint on the aforementioned rings and on the magazine housing. Mineral spirits would have been better but more work.
Someone wrote that mineral spirits should not be used on the stock. Most cured finishes are not affected by mineral spirits and if this resists oils, the spirits should not hurt it. Turpentine would be unlikely to harm cured finishes. Other solvents, especially aromatic hydrocarbons, probably would ruin it. I may test that theory soon.
On the underside of the receiver, buried in the stock when assembled, was another serial number, a different number from the other 4. It looks to be done at the same time as the other 4. ???
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