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Watch the Mosin Nagant videos on the YouTube channel below. He is an expert on Mosins, and has been collecting them since the early 1980's. His videos are the best out there. Don’t skip over the bolt videos.

I cleaned the metal parts with mineral spirits. Probably the best method for cleaning the grease off the metal parts. Do not get any mineral spirits on the wood. A hair dryer works on the wood.

Cleanup after shooting corrosive ammo isn’t bad at all. Run hot water thru the barrel, then dry patch, then Hoppe’s 9, or your favorite solvent, then finish with a patch of oil. You can get surplus ammo for about $0.22 per round. Prvi Partizan for about $0.80 per round. Surplus 7.62x54R is easier to find and cheaper than .22 LR.
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