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Have/had all 3

Current CCW. Glock 19, on me right now. Love it.

M&P, in my safe. Love it. Haven't shot it enough (500rds) to carry it and I'm happy with my CCW anyways.

PPQ, had it. Gave it to my best friend as a gift. His first gun. Did I like it? Yes. Just didn't see what all the hype was about. Ergonomics are awesome. Closest thing to Hk I can think of for just a little over Glock price (at least here in Miami, I paid $650 for that PPQ) Just didn't see what the hype was about.

So Glock, reputably awesome. Parts are everywhere. Glock armorers are everywhere. Huge aftermarket amount of stuff. Holsters, sights, add ons, etc. (non of which I use, my preference)

M&P 9? 'Merica..also awesome. Hasn't been around as long. It's the Sigma's son Leonidas. Great also.

I said about all I thought about the PPQ already, minus the fact that they barely have anything for it aftermarket wise -_-

Choose wisely!
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