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The reason I picked the 4895 was i had loaded some 4831 63 grains and 4895 48 grain loads just for practice loading and just to go out to the range and make some noise. Shot the 4831 and got a group of about 2-3" at 100 yards (ok but not what I want) then i put in the 4895 ang got a sub 1" group (4 holes that all touched more what I'm looking for). So I figured that would be a good powder to start with. I have read that it was a little fast but i couldnt argue with 4 touching holes. I am going to give the 4350 and 4831 a try with ladder loads as well. I just had he 4895 laying around from about 15 yers ago and figuerd what the heck I will make my thunderstick go boom.
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