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Back in the 70s I was heavy into duck and goose hunting on the Palmer Hay Fats near Anchorage.

There were a lot of "snipe" there, I mean a lot, I figured why not, I'll get a few, using my Remington 870 I got a pot full. I got them home and my wife was going to fix them up for freezing. If you ever ate "snipe", they are like dove, you just pop the breat out with your thumbs, that's all there is to eat on those little suckers and it takes quite a few to make a meal.

Anyway I had them setting on the cabinet with a lid on the pot to keep wife's cats out.

So the wife gets all ready to fix the and removes the lid. One of the little suckes popped his head up "chirp, chirp"............aparently he wasn't quite "sniped" all the way.

Wife lets out a scream, and I sleep on the couch that night.

Sniping is a very dangerous business.
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