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There's an old saying that goes, "A happy customer wil tell 3-4 people, an unhappy one will tell a dozen". The paradox in this is that they rarely tell the person who is most likely to be able to help them - that is the person they bought from.

Maybe its human nature. In some cases, people don't want to be confrontational (usually no need to be, just be adult), other times they didn't understand what they were buying and don't want to look foolish or admit they didn't know what they were doing (this is going to be a bigger problem as we do more e-commerce, i.e. because you can't examine the goods except on screen and online catalogs can be less than fully informative). Sometimes things just don't meet your expectations (nobody's fault). Reputable merchants understand all this and will work with a customer to insure satisfaction.

In the spirit of fair play, if something isn't right (for whatever reason), you ought to allow the other party an opportunity to make it right. If they won't work with you, then you have a legitimate reason to take your business elsewhere.

Sorry for the lecture, and to make a long story longer, the reason I bought from Mark was the great word-of-mouth on that 'other' board and the amount of time Mark spends answering questions and educating the marketplace (without pandering for business). Ya gotta like a guy who invests in his customers.

Marketing 101: In order to manage expectations, it is essential to help create them.
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