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OK Oberkommando, here I am. Had trouble getting on TFL for the last two days.

Hueco, if the Citori fits, shoot it!

Of course, after you have shot Trap for a while, you will probably want a Ljutic or Perazzi. So be prepared to mortgage the Ranch! (Don't say I didn't warn you). Everybody thinks they will stick with their original gun, nobody ever does.

The main complaint with citori's is the inertial triggers. If the first barrel doesnt fire the triggers will not reset for the second shot. You may eventually want to have mechanical triggers installed if this is a problem. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT get into the habit of bouncing the gun on the ground to set the second barrel, I see guys do this all the time and it is dangerous.

O/U's are great guns, you made a good choice, buy it and shoot!

Finally! Some conversation about Real shotguns

Geoff Ross
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