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Glow in the dark paint compared to Tritium or Fiber-Optic

The main difference with Glow in the dark paint compared to Tritium or fiber optic is that it is a lot cheaper. Tritium is radio active and not suitable for all types of sights. Fiber Optic need light for the sights to be seen again not suitable for all sights. Glow in the Dark can be used on just about any sight even on your shell casings! You may think it's a gimmick but it does have some plus points to it.
The glow in the dark kits that are out there come in 2 different types, those that are pre-mixed and have a certain amount of crystals within the paint (Glo-on) and those that you make and mix yourself like Glomania's . The later is the better for one main reason you can add as much pigment as needed for the sights. The other type is fixed maid with an acrylic medium and placing just a small blob on the markings may have only a small amount of glow crystals within it.
Glow in the dark is a crystal that charges and emits its glow constantly as long as there is a light source to charge it. Concealed carry stops the crystals from charging and so they will fade down over time, but will recharge as soon as they get some light.
One of the other criticisms of Glow in the Dark pigments and paints is that they fade down too quickly and so you cannot see the glow after about half an hour. Yes this is correct if your eyes are not adjusted to the darkness, going from a bright environment straight in to say a dark ally there is going to be some time for your eyes to compensate to be able to see shadows. However if you had your weapon by the side of your bed and woke quickly in the night it will still be glowing not as bright but well enough for you to see your markings clearly.
To use the Glomania Glow in the Dark Kit correctly you would need to place or keep a white base on your sights and then paint over with the pigment and hardener mix, yes you can get the mix in 6 + colors however Green, Blue or White are the best and brightest. The reason for the white base helps refract light back into the underside of the crystals making them charge quicker and stronger.
For $15.00 you can paint a large number of sights. I hope this helps answer some of those questions you are having.
PS Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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