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Originally Posted by USNret93
I am also in the 'old eyes' camp and for my 68 year old, bifocaled, eyes...
Ditto (except I'm still 65, not 68)... but yup, simply can't see clear as I did before bifocals. If I raise my head to use the bifocal part, can't see target as clearly... if I lower head slightly to use upper part of glasses, target is clear but the sites are a blur. NOT complaining... can adjust to that and shoot pretty well, but as was said, MUCH better in full light. Most of my rifles that can take a scope, now have one, for the same reasons. Never tried the stuff the OP asked about, but if it's like other paint that glows in the dark, it probably wouldn't last long enough for me. I do fine with white dots to frame the sites.
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