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Interesting that Askins has such a bad reputation now.
I will try to rephrase the question, can a contact shot be justified, both legally, and ethically ?
It is not about the nature of the shot, but the circumstances in which such a shot is made. There was an incident last year where a Texas man used a .357 Magnum to make a 138 yard shot to save the life of a State Trooper who was about to be killed by a hardened career criminal. It was one of these things that literally ignited all of the gun communities on the Web and was discussed for a long time afterward. And what the man did was absolutely justified following a review and investigation.

There is another thread here about a nurse whose husband hired a hitman to kill her so he could take her property and she managed to put a lethal chokehold on the guy after a several minute fight for her life. If she had a handgun, she would have been MORE than justified to make a contact range shot. As a matter of fact that would have been the only shot she could have made, as the would-be killer closed in on her without warning and was pretty much determined to do the deed quickly, with a hammer, and then scram. Classic predatory attack.

You can use what ever methods you have at your disposal to protect yourself or others from the actions of a criminal. The really tricky part is convincing a jury and judge to justify your actions afterward. If there was no lethal threat present and the situation could have been diffused simply by walking away or waiting for proper authorities to show up and take care of it, the use of ANY force, including the brandishing and use of a firearm or another weapon, would not be viewed too favorably.
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