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I tell my wife often (2 teenage boys) that "Testosterone is a powerful drug".

Soldier v. Cop v. Citizen mentality is a thing. It takes me all of about 30 seconds to pick out the guys in LE training who are former military. They are the ones that get reprimanded about "Officer Safety" and "We go home at night" because they are prone to rushing in headfirst.

"Perhaps others" I totally agree with. We all have our personal thresholds of capability and events that we will interject ourselves into. While 20 years ago, it would have been different, the political climate in an area is as much a factor today as anything. If you end up locked up, you have failed in your duty to protect yourself, and in most cases, to then protect and provide for your family. It sucks, but it is part of the reality of the times.
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