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Went out again today and blew through 6 boxes of shells--an expensive day when you consider each box is the equivalent of a case of good beer! Got to know the gun better and have a few more comments/criticisms--but readily admit I'm not very savvy about shotguns so you more experienced guys don't hesitate to jump in and set me straight.

I decided to take the 3 x 9 Nikon slug hunter off and replace it with a loopy 1.5 x 4 scout scope. The reason for that is that the magnification is more than enough t o hit anything within reasonable range of the slug, the reticle is simpler but sharper and is easier for a a "quick snap shot" at any magnification and can be used with both eyes open.

Few more lessons learned today. Like my BLR--browning seems to like narrow profile shotguns--so it's easy to roll to the side and throw your shot if you're not careful. Like my BLR--it favors a firm grip on the foreend. The force of the shot like any shotgun will cause a "lever moment" to pitch the muzzle up--the difference is is that the recoil force is dissipated so that what actually hits you on the buttpad is far less than what you might expect on a typical pump shotgun. A "gotcha" to look out for--the reciprocating side charge handle is relatively low on the side of the receiver--prepare for a finger-stinger if your grip is far enough back. I prefer to hold the foreend--but I still don't like how flimsy it is--I'm going to look at ways to improving that if possible.

The biggest problem I had was the shooting of the different slugs--no matter what I tried I couldn't get the sst's or monoflex slugs to group worth a hoot--surprising to me since the sst's do great in my 12 g slug gun.

The remmie accutips, on the other hand were consistently accurate and blew away the other slugs by a very wide margin. I'm not really sure why that is--they are only 10 grs heavier and travel at 100 fps faster.

Here is a 3 shot group of the accutips at 100 yds. I can't exactly figure out the boundaries of the shots for measurement--but I'm pretty sure it's sub-MOA.

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