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I'm a Browning man myself, from Ohio. I am sure you have just got a fine shot
gun. My question is are you required to use slugs were you hunt?
A couple of the islands near where I live do have shotgun-only hunts--but down south there are many other areas that have "primitive" weapons hunting seasons that do include shotguns--so those are the reasons (aka excuses) for my buying the gun,

Here is a picture of the ingenious piston system which actually rides around the magazine and has something akin to a recoil spring where it meets the receiver. The cantilevered scope mount is on the barrel.

I may also get a couple of bird/trap barrels in the future if I really get into it. I also reload virtually all of my ammunition for rifles and handguns--and am toying with doing the same for shotguns. I recently stumbled upon the "schrifle" shells which look very interesting to me--they appeal to my OCD tendencies to chase after the smallest group I can get with a handload.
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