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First Impression: Browning Silver Stalker 20 G

Gun came in today as well as some slug shot shells--so I took it home, cleaned and assembled after reading the manual--which true to tradition is written for the whole silver series so it got hard for me to follow in spots. The manufacturing looks excellent--especially the robust gas piston assembly which no doubt goes a long way toward mitigating felt recoil.

I removed the round limiter plug from the magazine--stuffing the spring back in is quite the challenge without launching the plug like a new year's champaign bottle cork. about the only thing that I noticed that gave me pause for thought was the rather flimsy look of the fore-end. I tend to be a bit clumsy and bash things around when creeping through the woods, I'm wondering how long it will last before I crack it--but hopefully it won't come to that.

Fully assembled the bathroom scale says 6 lbs--lighter than most of my AR's. Of course I went out and had to fire a few shots off--even though here on the coast we've had gale-like winds of 30 to 50 mph for 4 days straight. I fired a few each of 250 sst's at 1800 fps, 250 gr monoflex at 1800 fps and remmie's 260 gr accutip at 1900 fps @ 100 yds.

Shots of the hornady stuff tended to land pretty far apart, but I attribute most of that to simply getting a feel for the gun. It is quite light--so not unexpectedly the muzzle wants to flip energetically if you don't have a good hold on it.

As for the felt recoil and semi-auto functioning--I can easily sum that up in one word: fabulous! I'd put the felt recoil of even the remmie round at maybe that of a 308 win rifle--and only maybe 60% of what a slug in my pump 870 feels like. The extra speed of the remmie slugs oddly enough translated to the spent hulls being thrown twice as far as the slightly slower hornady shells. The first two shots of the remmie accutips went through the same hole; though the subsequent ones didn't. I suspect a loose mount/ring in the scope set-up.

I can already tell this is going to be one fun shotgun to shoot!

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