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Very cool.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I thoroughly enjoy hunting Elk. Second only to antelope, they're probably my favorite.

But, as I like to say:
"When you fire the shot, only then does the work begin..."
Guys and gals....

I could write an entire story on just the pack out. It was very painful, and it was many miles to the truck, but we made it back to camp with meat on the pole and horns in the tent.
My 2012 bull took maybe 45 minutes to an hour from me telling two of my brothers, "I think I'll head up top (ridgeline of the mountain range - literally - at ~9,000+ ft asl), towards Lena (highest peak within 60 miles). I've never been all the way to the top, and want to see what it looks like." ... to 'Bang!' (75 yards - lethal) .... BANG! (25 yards - fatal and DRT).
...But it took another day and a half to get the important bits off the mountain.
It was "only" 2-1/2 miles from camp to the site of the kill, but it was over some of the most inhospitable terrain possible, and at least 50% of it on 40-70 degree inclines. And, due to the luck of that year's weather, it was 80 degrees!

The timeline worked out to:
Day 1: Kill. Gut. Miscommunication, lost party member, and possible medical emergency results in everyone back at camp. No time to (safely) hike back up.
Day 2: Relocated the bull after the previous day's 'fun'. 4 guys up. 3 quarters, some cuts of meat from the carcass, and a head w/ cape back down.
Day 3: 4 guys up (two new party members). 1 quarter and some neck meat back down.

Hardest I've ever worked for some meat...
(A few photos here, if interested: Utah Elk Hunt.)
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.

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