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That is a mighty fine elk for a DIY trip on public land. Congratulations. I've had the opportunity to camp and hike in the Colorado mountains numerous times during summer months. Hunting there has been a lot less than I'd like. I've found the air a struggle the 1st day or 2, but I've always done fine after that.

Been planning the same trip since 2010, but minor family emergencies and issues with elderly parents have prevented it. I almost pulled the trigger on a trip 2 years ago, but had to back out during the summer. I'm trying to organize a group to go together next fall. I've deer hunted in the past, but don't want to travel that far for a deer. Holding out for an elk. I'll be 58 by then and it doesn't get any easier.

I did see something encouraging last week. I met 3 brothers who backpacked 7-8 miles into one of the roughest, most remote regions here in GA to bear hunt. A little over 4200'. Considering that is at least 3500' elevation gain it is pretty steep even though not as high as Colorado. These guys ranged in age from 65 to about 75. The oldest brother pulled out some photos of their Colorado elk hunt. The 3 brothers backpacked into the mountains near Pagosa Springs and the old guy had taken a smallish 5X5 elk just last month. If those old guys can still do it there is hope for me.
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