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Have you ever given thought to muzzleloading bullseye pistol? Ammunition can be quite affordable if your guns are set in a caliber where you can buy your round ball in bulk as buck shot. Also you can cut your own patches buying the material by the yard at Walmart or a fabric store. If you have access to lead cheap enough you could cast your own round ball. The sport is all shot single handed, standing at 25 and 50 yards. There is a division at the Nationals for traditional guns only (originals or replicas of originals) and a division for open or unlimited allowing you to compete with tricked out modified, modernized guns. Very fun, can be a good challenge, and when you're making you're own tools/supplies it can be very rewarding on a personal level. I feel if you pick your supplies out right it can be cheaper than conventional guns. Check out anything on google that has to do with the NMLRA (National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association) and ask me anything about it. I'm happy to help a new shooter to the line.
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