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my dad was not a hunter, on the farm any animal that could help feed five hungry kids was game. I remember one morning after milking the cows(70 by hand) a flight of ducks lit on the fire pond and my dad said go get the shotgun(bolt action sears 12 ga) he had it setting in the grain room. I got it and two old blue peters#7.5 shot shells, we got below the pond berm and my dad raised up and shot into them and then shot again into the flopping mass. he got nine and we ate duck for two days. to him a firearm was a tool, just like a rake-pick or hammer. he had no attachment to it other than to do a job. 30 years later I bought him a new rem 870 in 12 ga and when I gave it to him he said that's nice and put it in corner in the livingroom and it sat there for about 5 years and he than gave it back, never fired. eastbank.
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