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Outercircle going clockwise:

forearm scraping/moulding tool. The half circle fits into the ramrod groove
brass buttplate casted during the casting portion of the class
Wood die and form - used to stamp flat sheet brass into round shape (to make curved grip caps)
brass trigger guard casted in class
sanding block - not something anticipated but since there was scrap wood and time, why not?
tracing tool (pencil not showing throw in image)
three relief carving tools. One has handle. One is skewed left, one right and the other is circular for flattening the surface
mandrels (fat one is form forming entry pipe/thimble - can do both faceted and round. thin one is for pipes/thimbles).

Inner circle:
Two silver wire inlay tools (made of tool steel
marking gauge (most labor intensive tool I made. The tool I didn't make was a bow saw or ramrod channel plane).
Hinge forming jig for patchboxes.

OK, I can't post the pic but could only post a link to it (from THR).
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