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Another atta boy for Leupold. I'm running about a dozen or so, and admittedly, only about half that see heavy use. But, my assorted affordable Leupolds, (M8's and various Vari-X_ models) most bought used on ebay or from pals, are holding up on rifles that have trashed lesser scopes. Some examples:

-I hunt a Mini30, and for a while, 'till I got other debts sorted out and so on, I mounted an assortment of affordable scopes on it. That Mini30, with its slam/bang action, just beat those scopes to pieces in short order. A Leupold 1-4x went on about a decade ago, we even shot some 3-gun matches with it, and it has held up fine.

-A tube feed Ruger .44 carbine was also a scope basher. Again the semi slam did a number on two or three different scopes. Another Leupold 1-4x has held up fine for 10 yrs or more as well. I shot a Leupold 2.5x compact on that little rifle for a while to, before giving it to a pal for his gobbler gun.

-For a brief while, I ran a Leupold Scout on a M1 Garand. Slam/bang again. No probs, but I replaced the low powered Leupold with a Burris 2-7x, we'll see how it does.

-Until HQ cracked down on the practice, I typically kept a scoped .22 in the patrol rig to deal with pests and feral animals. No recoil, I figured any scope would hold up. But......the constant vibration and rattle from the vehicle and roadways , even mounted in a bracket and soft case, would shake the internals loose on cheap scopes after a few years. A Leupold .22 rimfire model fixed that.

In fact, I have NEVER sent a Leupold back in for repair, only reticle changes.

Depending on the age of your Leupold variable, they may not do a reticle change, there is a cut off date. But they will make the scope right and serviceable.
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