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MAYBE I can understand how a person who has never purchased a firearm before,never filled out a form 4473.... and never had an interest in firearms law could be caught unaware.If you ever have filled out a 4473,the key questions at least raise the issue "Are you a user of or addicted to..."

Maybe ,like the cigarette warning label,it would be a courtesy for Doctors issuing pot prescriptions to advise the patient of Constitutional Side Effects,maybe pot shops and drug dealers should require signing a waiver "I understand I give up my RTKBA if I purchase,posess,or use"
But that would be on the pot industry.
Maybe we need the equivalent of a 4473 and a background check to buy pot!!
"Are you or do you intend to be the owner,posessor,transferer or transferee of any firearm or ammunition?" And if you check "Yes" you can't buy pot!

Who but myself is ultimately responsible for preserving my rights?
I can have ,for example,a limited amount of empathy for a friend who gets a DUI. Costly,inconvenient, messes up life. But he is NOT a victim. That DUI ticket might save lives,including his. The LEO was doing his job.Overall,its good to keep drunks from behind the wheel Agreed?
In Colorado,getting a DUI means you don't have the right sense to have a concealed carry permit.Hmmm...

If a couple is having a domestic dispute,is the state obligated to arrive,produce a clip board,and get a signed statement from the couple acknowledging "Any domestic violence will result in your arrest and forfeiture of your Second Amendment Rights"? Or should that be part of the marriage license?
Do we have a lot of sympathy for the guy who says " You mean just because I gave her two black eyes and choked her a little three years ago means I can't buy my honor student son a 30-30 and take him deer hunting?

Renouncing citizenship,a dishonorable discharge,etc....No Life Referee shows up and asks "Are you sure you want to do this? You will lose your guns,you know"

It IS sad folks are so unaware . But ultimately,you and I are responsible for knowing and remaining within the law.

And how we feel about a particular law ,including pot,"selective compliance" might charge a high price. And on some level,we know that. Then we deny it.

Selective enforcement can hurt people...we can argue. Or does it enable people to hurt themselves?
Ultimately it comes down to selective compliance,doesn't it?. "I don't buy into this law,so I can break it? Many people get away with it,I will,too?
We all have some thought that comes to us through the fog.

I was disillusioned!! It was sad.Uncomfortable...Even (gasp) painful!!!

Enter the words :" Illusion is prerequisite to disillusion"........Who owns my illusions?
And then came :"Disillusionment is the birth pain of Truth."

That gets a fellow over "Its not fair" and such like. That "Escaping Reality"stuff farms up plenty of illusions. Like what "Should be" vs "What is"

Ever listen to Willie Nelson sing "There Ain't Nothing I Can Do About It Now"?

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