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Because of memory failures, etc. - almost every professional will tell you to keep quiet until you talk to your lawyer. Police have procedures for that after their shootings.

Also, how come folks don't misremember things in the direction that is not in their benefit?

Yes, there may be some hypercomplex frame by frame analysis of the action to support the pharmacist like was done in the Rodney King case. That is going to cost him every cent he is has.

It is clear that after the first shot - he had the chance to avoid further conflict - independent of your moral stance on bad guys, etc. - you need to keep your head. That's why training and stress inoculation is so important.

And keeping your mouth shut about how you are a commando and cleaning of scum. Like we see here from folks.

1. I'm cleaning the scum
2. If I shoot, they will be dead
3. I will take risks as I have my little friend.

All recent posts from TFL.

Anyway, the guy should entertain a good plea offer. And if he doesn't get jail time, he needs to find another job in another location. Or he can posture that he is ready for the next one.
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