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unless this guy can make a reasonable case that he felt threatened when he dropped the 5 .380 slugs in the kids chest, I pray that he doesn't walk. That video just gave all of the antis 5 reasons to argue against the right to defend ourselves. Not to mention it's a shame that this kid is dead. Yeah, the kid was in the wrong. Got it. It's obvious he's not an experienced criminal based off of his fumbling in the video. Were the kid NOT EXECUTED as we saw in the video, he could have went on and done well in life.

I'm all for someone having the right to defend themselves. I'm of the frame of mind that if a criminal dies while attempting a crime which someone defends against, then the criminal took that chance and his death is on him. If the first headshot would've killed him, oh well. The 5 to the chest against an unarmed, unconcious, FORMER assailant though? Come on folks, we have more sense than this... right?
5whiskey has nailed my position, Well said !
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