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The police in Lakewood here at home are trained to shoot two to the chest, one to the head to stop a threat. If the threat so much as twitches, they repeat the exercise.
I doubt that is exactly correct. If the guy is down and "twitching" and the cop is on film being recorded, repeating the exercise It wouldn't matter one bit what dept. policy was. Especially if the guys family was there to back up the video in court.
Just makes sense to me, if they are still moving they are still a threat.
Glad you ain't a policy maker!!!

As you walk up to your downed threat to kick the gun away from him, he shoots you.

Now your both bleeding because someone lying on the floor equals no threat regardless of a firearm in his hand.
If a person is out cold and/or just laying there and has a pistol still laying on their hand I could order them to sling it. If they are obviously un responsive I can cautiously approach while keeping the BG fully covered up with muzzle. If he should attempt to draw on me he would be dealt with accordingly. If he doesn't move and I used care and wisdom I could boot the gun.
the reason I don't think the marks on the floor are enough is it is very posble he could have suffed some sot of paralysis below the shoulders and not moved his body dnough to matter while still having decent control of his arms. I don't know how many here have been laid out before or witnessed someone get laid out, but it is not all that uncommon to see appendage movement when the torso is not moving.
Had he been paralyzed yet arms mobile he would have been shot with his back sack removed and his arms digging in it cuz that is where the gun would have been as he didn't have a gun in hand nor drawn and now on the ground...
Now please do us all a favor and vote in the poll and comment on the poll only in this thread. we have a thread in Tactics and Training for discussing the shooting. If you do yourself a service and read the 20+ pages of posts you will find many links to reports as well as many wise posts by informed TFL'ers.

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