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the reason I don't think the marks on the floor are enough is it is very posble he could have suffed some sot of paralysis below the shoulders and not moved his body dnough to matter while still having decent control of his arms. I don't know how many here have been laid out before or witnessed someone get laid out, but it is not all that uncommon to see appendage movement when the torso is not moving. The shooter fired pretty quickly, and even he was squirming a little he may not move all that much and there were probably deflections off of bone.
I still think it is going to be really difficult to give "beyond a reasonable doubt" even though the guy can't keep his story straight.
I still have not voted b/c I am still not sure. In these cases the law does not matter nearly as much as who ends up on the jury.
2 real lessons here, take and maintain a defensive position or retreat, and keep your mouth shut afterwards.

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