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Adirondack is a big fan of the ceramics, but the only safe manufacturers using them as their primary insulation are a few gun safe manufacturers.

There are thousands of safe (as well as file cabinet and vault door) makes and models with real UL fire ratings (the most stringent testing done on safes here in the US), all of which use some sort of "cement" as a fill material. Although not new technology, it is tried and true. Many of these insulations are effective with less than 2" of fill, whereas some take more. These fills can also add to the structural integrity and burglary resistance of the safe.

There are only a handfull of gun safes available with this type of construction. I have access to an unbranded "generic" safe that uses it, and it can also be found in the AMSEC BFs, Browns, and Graffunders.
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