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Also how good is their fire protection material?
Zer0, Sturdy Safe uses actual fire insulating materials specifically designed to be thermal barriers. With the exception of foam (that cannot withstand extremely high temperatures like the 2300 Degree ceramic fiber can), there is nothing better for thermal insulation based on space requirements (e.g. less space needed for insulation leaves more space for gun storage). Unlike gypsum board (dry wall) or even insulating concrete (I.e., cement with an aggregate such as Vermiculite or Perlite), the fiber insulation doesn't release steam so it won't damage gun stocks etc. Sure there are some that will say a thermal insulating concrete can compete with high temperature fiber but in order to do so, double the volume of material is needed which is to say for every 1 inch of fiber insulation 2 inches of insulating concrete will be needed and unless you are talking about a really big gun safe, not much room left to store guns with a comparable concrete insulated safe (it's more complicated than that but essentially that's what it comes down to).
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