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None of the safes you mentioned are going to provide any real security, or real fire protection, although they definately have the size.

These types of gun safes will give you limited security, and limited fire protection. Most gun safes are not designed to be high security, and most are using materials that are not found in any other real safe to obtain a high level of fire protection.

Sturdy is a great choice, especially when fire protection is not needed at all. They can delete their fire lining from their safes, and charge you less. You will get more security from a Sturdy than you will from many other gun safes on the market.

I hear the Summit name pop up now and again, but have never seen one in person, so my comments on them would be limited to what I can read on a website.

The AMSEC BF series is one of the best options in their price range, but their larger units are going to be outside your budget. The concerns that you mention are not really concerns at all. Don't base the importance of certain features on what gun safe manufacturers claim are important. If they knew what they were doing, they wouldn't be limited to building gun safes.

Of your choices, the Liberty would probably be your best bet. No great burglary protection, no great fire protection, but it is large and in your price range. Liberty also stands behind their warranty.
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