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In that price range, you might also want to look at: Their safe's have 7ga bodies that can be enhanced as an option, tight tolerances, very strong doors, excellent fire protection that doesn't release moisture (I.e., no gypsum e.g. dry wall), lifetime warranty and great customer support

I've also heard are nice but I have no first hand experience they come with 7ga bodies but internal hinges (external is better) Their Everett has external hinges and 1/4" plate on the body. Their fire protection is a combo of drywall and ceramic fiber.

AMSEC BF series safes seem to have a lot of pleased customers too and has a 1/2" plate steel door.

The Liberty Presidential is nice in that price range and has a 7ga body but internal hinges and dry wall as fire protection.

Of all of those and the research I had done, I bought a Sturdy and couldn't be happier. Good luck.
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