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guys with a RockChucker press and the primers removed it takes little effort to resize a neck on a case with a Lee collet die.( even with a little Lee press ) I would almost bet he hasn't got the die set right,but I too could be wrong.You can even feel the collet working better when the primer has been removed before resizeing.Know this too well,Lee dies are what I use and for some time now.

If I end up being wrong then the other suggested fixes will help.

Looked at the post's again.You say you have the die set right,but is the die cap all the way down if not this will allow the die not to work right.It allows the matting part of the collet to be pushed up into the die rather than staying in place for the collet to be pushed into it.Or the same part can become stuck in a high spot in the die not allowing the collet to work right.Check to make sure that the matting part to the collet is loose inside of the die,not real loose but loose ( able to slide up/down ) freely.If not fix by polishing it to free it up.After the fix just make sure the cap is all the way down then try it,thats if you needed to fix it.
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