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I understand curiosity, so I'll play along.

I'll give you oldest open thread I could find:
The very oldest thread I could find is this closed one:

Oddly, the thread numbering must have been changed at some time, because I simply plugged in low numbers in the t=nnn part of the URL which I thought should work. Thread number 1 doesn't exist, but thread number 2 is:

As you can see it is 3 days older than thread number 30451. The site itself officially started 4 days earlier on October 6, 1998 even though one member appears to have registered earlier.

As for the other statistics, I'll show you how to find them, and you can do the legwork.

Pull down the "Community" menu and select "Members List". The columns labeled "Join Date", "Posts", and "Last Visit" are all clickable. If you click on the "Posts" link it will give the member's post count in descending order. As you might guess, moderators and ex-moderators have the highest post counts.

Using a similar process you can find the threads with the most number of views and replies. Open each forum and at the bottom in "Display Options" change the "From the" to "Beginning". Then at the top right select either "Replies" or "Views" to see the counts in descending order. Note: The sticky threads will remain at the top and may or may not be the highest in the reply or view count.
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