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FWIW: I am not particularly a shotgun person but was an LEO trainer up to retirement and managed shotgun qualifications as well. Our guns were the 'police' model 870s. We experimented around somewhat, putting ghost rings on, orange high-vis followers, etc., but found that other mods were not particularly useful for us. I recently decided to get a personal 870 and do some similar mods. The 'police' models are harder to get now. The gun that I got (today) was the 870 Express Deer, factory order #5565. It has a dull matte finish (not parkerizing), 20" improved cyl. choke, rifle sights, and a 'hardwood' (birch?) stock with a monte carlo comb. It also has the flexi-tab lifter. I understand--but have not verified--that it will NOT take 'law enforcement accessories'. Having tried most of them I am keeping the gun very stock so don't care about that. About the only things I will change--incrementally--will be to fit up ghost ring sights, an orange follower, and shorten the 14" pull of the stock which is a bit long for me. I will consider a big head safety and a sling in future, and perhaps a 'side saddle' ammo carrier. I paid $280 total for the gun and think it is every bit as good as the police models we used. I may even like it a little better with the monte carlo as it may not hit my cheek as hard.
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