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I have, in the course of nearly 50 yrs of gobbler hunting, crossed paths with 3 other hunters carrying 10 gauges in the woods. In two of those instances, it was the same guy, though a couple of years apart, and on two entirely separate WMA's, a hundred miles or so apart (gobbler hunters get around). That fella's 10ga was an H&R, with a short factory say 24-26" barrel and very stout. The gun was actually quite heavy, more so than my short barreled 12ga Rem 870. He claimed it killed gobblers with authority.

The other 10 ga belonged to my pal Sammy, and was a customized Browning BPS. The barrel had been shortened to 24", and a tight turkey tube swaged/pressed permanently flush with the muzzle. All the metal work had been done with some type of custom high tech drab coating, and the stock had been epoxy painted with a dull color as well. It shot 2-1/4 oz of #4 lead into patterns to point of aim with a bead sight, that were astounding, and Sammy (more honest than Lincoln) claimed it killed gobblers cleanly to 60 yds plus. We named it the turkey bazooka, and I wanted it if he ever thought to sell it.

To keep my post short, I will tell the story of that shotgun later.
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