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I can tell you that nothing Ruger has produced to date comes close to a really accurized 10/22. I build 10/22s and get 3/8" or better groups at 100 yds. Kidd and Volquartsen rifles shoot similarly well. You get what you pay for.

Accurizing Ruger 10/22s is as much art form as it is science. You can drill through pins and gain very little, the action is anchored at the back by a lip that fits on top of the trigger group and holds the rear of the action down in the stock. Glass bedding can help significantly, but if you do it wrong you will split the stock

You can torque the barrel block to specific torque settings and get a small improvement. Mounting the barrel securely is definitely key to good accuracy.

You can replace springs and polish the inside of the receiver and gain a little bit.

The big question is, what is "good enough" and what is "target accuracy". Real target accuracy is only attainable with a good barrel. Factory barrels are OK, good enough for taking the kids to the gravel quarry and letting them burn up a brick of 22s, but will never consistently shoot sub-MOA at 100 yds.

Factory triggers (even the BX trigger) are not consistent enough to get sub-MOA consistently. Factory trigger groups vary from bad to awful and will not break cleanly. BX triggers are better, but they are still a factory product and as such have much the same issue. Creepy, break at 4 lbs if you're lucky.

People are always looking for the "cheap and easy" solution, and if you want real target accuracy you have to do the right things. Just doing stuff willy-nilly won't get you there. Like any rifle, buy a good barrel and get good trigger components, bed the rifle properly and it will shoot amazingly well.
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