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I have 4 10/22s, none are benchrest guns. #1 has a cheap Midway BBL, lam. stock, 100.00 Simmons scope, Volqartsen hammer and bolt release. It's very accurate, out shoots my buddies .22s, none of us are benchrest shooter.
#2 and #3 are fairly new standard carbines, used walnut carbine stocks, DIY trigger [email protected]/2#, DIY bolt releases, one with a Peep and the other with a TRS25 red dot. The idea for these 2 was to shoot the CMP Sporter match with them so both are legal for that match. Both are plenty accurate to clean the CMP target.
#4 is a Deluxe with a 2-7 VX-1 rimfire scope on it. I did shoot it with the stock trigger(5# but felt like 8) and it group at 25 yards was a ragged hole with CCI Standard. I installed a BX trigger group in it, it's just under 2-1/2# with some creep but a huge improvement over the stock trigger. I haven had a chance to shoot it since the trigger installation.
I think for benchrest I would build on a bolt gun of some kind, Anchutz maybe or if just tinkering a CZ.
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