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At minimum I suggest cutting about 10-20 1cm x 1 cm samples as close to cubical as you can get them, preferably measureed for size at the required 39 degrees, and weigh them on as decent a scale as you can get.

You can use US coins as scale calibration standards. To ensure reasonable consistancy weigh at least 10-20 coins as well to account for coin wear. Google coin weights for the standards.

The calipers sold at most hardware stores today are pretty darned good.

Known size and known weight gives specific gravity. That's density.

So what if this doesn't give any of us a "tracable standard" for the measurements. I don't have a traceable thermometer for my lead pot either, and the bullets come out the barrel. We're not selling to the FBI.

Kodak sold the gelatin plant in Peabody MA last year so they're probably hurting for customers. Might be willing to ship bulk stuff.

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