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Originally Posted by Aguila Blanca View Post
The temperature is supposed to be 39 degrees F. But without the formula, there's no way of knowing how closely this home brew mix approximates real ballistic gel. The real stuff is available only from two sources and it's VERY expensive.
Since "ballistic gel" must necessarily be made from protein gelatin, and it's almost a guarantee that's going to be animal protein gelatin, a whole bunch of boxes of Knox are going to be pretty darn close.

I suspect that the real stuff probably has a specific gravity spec that is published. And if so then it could be duplicated so the home made gel would truly duplicate it if you had the temperature right. But your mixing controls might be a little tough to get exactly right in the back yard.

What you're paying for from the real deal guys isn't so much higher quality dead cows, but higher quality process management in the formulation. You can do that yourself, just like you can reload your own ammo. And then we absorb that cost into our personal labor.

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