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Can someone educate us civilians about what tools that EMS/rescue people have and use to enter locked buildings?
Yes, we have the Fire Department. And they have halligan tools and super sledges and the like on their trucks. HOWEVER, we are bound, at least down here, by the same standard as LE. If we don't have any evidence of a reason to enter a home for an emergency, we don't enter. Now if there is fairly solid reason to believe an emergency is taking place inside the home such as the car is in the drive-way running and it is apparent that it has been running for some time with nobody answering the door, I would personally use that as grounds to enter after 'staging' and awaiting LE.

RE: the OP. I think the coppers acted on the level in this situation. Of course, I would have been upset had it been my wife and all, but I would have been equally upset if I was laying on the couch asleep and the boys in black(they don't wear blue here) busted my door in because some smartarsed neighbor or friend called in a 'welfare check.' When I was younger, go ahead and laugh, I felt like cops used the law as a reason to act on one extreme or the other. Now that I work in armed security and spend a great deal of time BS'ing with our local LEO's and working around them, I can understand a great deal of why they do what they do.
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