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Call the local police for a welfare check....they followed all the steps of above, and could see nothing....but did report seeing her walker...If the walker was there she was there.
Which means they likely looked in a door or window to see the appliance, you knew the significance of the walker and acted on it;

I had to call out a locksmith, and have him open the door for the police, ($125). There they found my mother laying on the floor knees bloody from trying to get up for 3 days. She had fallen off the bed hanging up the phone after talking to me on Thursday....
Those two first words are the gold here. You realized that you had to take responsibility for the situation, the police could not legally call that locksmith any more than they could legally kick the door in. The locksmith only needs to satisfy himself that the bill will be paid for him to legally do his job. A different and higher standard applies to emergency responders.

( I'll bet that once the door was opened the officers merely had to shout, and hear a response from your Mother before they were justified to enter the house)

Also, the thing some folks just don't seem to understand is, if the police officers in the OP had looked in the window and actually seen anything IE: Blood, overturned furniture, the toddler running around, or heard any noise such as a moan, cry, scream, They would have booted the door.

Sorry to hear your Mom had to go through that ordeal and, glad things turned out OK.
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