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but how hard would it be to identify the person on the phone in less than four hours? Have him drive to the nearest police station and identify himself and place the call from there with a bunch of cops present.
A valid question publius, Let me ask you this, if you are in a city, 4 hours from your home in any direction, could you, with the contents of your wallet, or vehicle;

A. Prove that you live at the address you are interested in and that you are either the owner, or renter on the lease ?

B. Prove that you are legally married to, or co-habitating with any person in that home ?

C. Prove that there is actually an emergency at that address that would require a
forced entry ?

If you can do all those things, ( answer honestly ) then you are well beyond the ability of the average person.

And unless you can do all of those things, to the satisfaction of a police officer, you are right back at square one.

I've already said that I think they should have done more to try to gain access (NOT "break down the door"), by contacting the landlord.
OK, fair enough. Tell ya what, lets test your theory, (if you wish)

Do you rent ? Or have a friend or relative that rents, ?

If so, have someone go to the manager, or super, and tell them you think someone inside may need medical attention, see if they will unlock the door on that premise.
Your findings should prove to be educational.

You mentioned having the police contact the landlord and ask for access, the answer to that question is simple, the police do not have a legal right to do so, and most landlords are not gonna risk a lawsuit from a tenant for opening that door without a warrant to do so.

The what-if's in this story are mind-boggling at the least.
It seems that if someone hears the words "pregnant woman" or "child" that somehow common sense, and legalities go right out the window.

This situation is not that difficult to understand, If it worked the way you imagine it should, then you would never have any expectation of privacy, either in a home you own, or especially in a home you rent.
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