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What manufacture of detachable carry handle do you have?

Some manufacturers use the wrong (A2) FSB on their fixed-sight flattop rifles as a cost-cutting measure. Since the A2 FSB is shorter than the F-marked FSB for flattop rifles, they make their detachable carry handle sights lower to compensate. The result is that when you use the out-of-spec carry handle on a rifle with the correct height front sight (Or vise versa), it becomes impossible to zero.

If that's not the case, take a look at your railed gas block. Is the rail on it level with the rail on top of the receiver? If so, you need a front sight designed to attach to top-railed forearms, such as the fixed LMT front sight or the Troy folding front sight. If not, you probably need the front sight made by the manufacturer of the gas block, since there's no set standard on the railed gas blocks.

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