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Sorry bout that folks!
I got worked up over what the NRA has become
Now reposting with more PG language

Originally Posted by NobodyJones View Post
Never been a fan of Wayne LaPierre and then add Ted Nugent and his antics as spokesperson and sorry no, I'm out. I was an NRA member for years and now haven't been one for more years than I was.

That doesn't mean I don't support the 2nd Amendment and gun owner's rights.
"Clearly you're a leftist plant meant to demoralize us and take down the 2A from the inside!"

Is what you will often be told when espousing such on gun forums.
I hear it all the time because I personally think the NRA does more harm than good... and I'm not afraid to say it.

Wayne La Piew and the rest of their out of touch leadership can go pound sand
May they all rot like the scum they are

They prey on the fear and ignorance of gun owners in order to rake in big $$$$ while producing next to nothing in return. Correction... Wayne does get to fly himself and his family/friends around on private jets to the Caribbean, buy nearly half a million dollars worth of suits, multiple million dollar homes, etc, etc, so they produce extravagance for him and a select few.

I've shifted all of my support to GOA and smaller, local fighters to protect the 2A
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