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Originally Posted by KEYBEAR View Post
Well, let's hope with a 20" barrel I can get most of the powder burned. (Especially with a magnum primer and a fairly heavy crimp).

I might end of transferring to N110 as it is about 1/2 the price of H110 currently. And still kinda available.

I never used N110 but some other powders from this maker . Get the data from the maker if you can . I have a manual for it some of the powders need extra care to use . (very unforgiven )
Yes I am trying to find a trusted data source.

Viht publish data for the 240 gr Hornady JTC-Sil. That bullet is very similar in profile to the Nosler 240gr JSP.

Also I think N110 is a bit more forgiving than H110 as more scope for working up (tends to have a larger min-max range).

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